Interview with author of #Famous: Jilly Gagnon!

Jilly Gagnon is an AMAZING writer and one of my closest writing buddies. You can see my review of her book #Famous by clicking here:   AN INTERVIEW WITH JILLY GAGNON: So your story is based on a true event, correct?    It is! Specifically the #AlexFromTarget phenomenon--if you don't remember it, Alex, a regular … Continue reading Interview with author of #Famous: Jilly Gagnon!


Interview with Lois Metzger

C: Hi, Lois, I'm so glad I'm able to talk with you! I read your story A Trick of The Light and enjoyed it very much. Now I had the honor to read your new book Change Places With Me, which was an all-nighter for me! So, as we know, your story Change Places with … Continue reading Interview with Lois Metzger