The Charlotte Diet

Hey guys, Charlie here! I wanted to give you a good diet plan (with how I do things) whether you’re a meat eater, vegetarian (like me), pescatarian, vegan, or whatever.

My go-to tips at the store:

  • It’s been said, MULTIPLE TIMES, but it’s good advice and that is: DON’T BUY GROCERIES WHEN YOU’RE HUNGRY! It will always cause you trouble
  • Make a list based off of food you’re planning to make. If you’re planning on making pancakes THIS WEEK, buy Pancake mix and milk and eggs (or whatever the mix says) Don’t think: Oh, well I’ll make some pancakes sometime, No. Make sure what you buy is for the near future.
  • If you want to splurge on Ice Cream or Chocolate bars or Skittles (because I love me some Skittles) buy them! Your diet shouldn’t restrict you from everything you love. (However, it is advised that you don’t eat the whole container of ice cream, huh? Maybe buy one of those small, one person containers, and eat half.) You should never have to feel guilty about what you eat or want to eat.
  • Keep an eye on what is in your cabinet. You don’t want to buy some Ramen Noodles to take to work with you and then find out you had a 24 pk already. That’s just no fun. Maybe keep a list on the inside of your cabinet of all the food that’s in there. (I created a list you can print out and tape into your cabinet for easy access below)

Tips when preparing food:

  • Remember: YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF THE PORTIONS. Whether you live by yourself, with a family or just your SO, you control how much food you make. Don’t be afraid to make a little too much, because you can always save it for later. Put it in a storage container (whether the one you bought or a washed out Country Crock container) and take it to work with you or heat it up for lunch tomorrow.
  • You may think Non-Stick cooking spray is better than oil, BUT IT’S NOT. While the calories may be fewer, there are so many things in it that is NOT GOOD FOR YOUR BODY, like GMOs and Dimethylpolysiloxane which is used in Silly Putty, many Cosmetics, and Refrigerants. Yeah. Ew.
    (Read a full article about it here:
  • Seasoning doesn’t have to be salt! I mean, yeah, you want to taste it, but there are plenty of other good spices you can use that don’t have salt in it, like garlic powder, onion powder, etc. Or, you can buy the little packages that go into the water and it seasons it for you. (I recommend using half for 4 servings)
  • You may not want to put meat/meat juices in with your vegetables. It will give you more unnecessary calories. Also, salt your veggies AFTER they’re cooked, that way everyone has more of a chance of getting the proper amount if salt.


  • Portion control is not just for bulimics and anorexics and super models. Everyone should use them (in a healthy way). You want to make sure you have more vegetables on your plate than meat or dairy or bread.
  • Drink a glass of water BEFORE and with your meal. It will help curb your appetite and you’ll eat what you’re truly hungry for.
  • Put less on your plate than you usually would. If your eyes think it’s getting enough food, chances are, you are getting enough. We all know the expression, “Your eyes are bigger than your stomach”, so put a little less on your plate. Once you’re finished, drink a little water, wait for your food to settle, and if you’re still hungry, get some more.
  • As I said before, it’s okay to splurge once and a while. If you want to eat a whole Wisconson 6 Cheese Domino’s Pizza, YOU GO GLENN COCO.


  • I don’t. BUT, I am constantly on my feet for work, so I count that. Just walking can help when you’re feeling sad or want to burn off some energy.
  • WALK DON’T RUN. If you’re out of shape (IE: haven’t gone running since you were in middle school because they made you in PE) DON’T GO RUNNING. You’re just asking to pass out. Start off with walks. Maybe walk around your block. Maybe walk from one stop sign to another (I don’t know about you guys, but my house is like:
    S                      ————                       S
    Stop sign       my house                 Stop sign
    Or walk around your house. It’s all up to you.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not doing anything. That your diet is ridiculous, that you can’t eat whatever you want on your diet, BUT THAT’S NOT TRUE.
This diet is just a way to eat healthier with the life we’ve got. Like the kids are saying: You Only Live Once, so why go on a diet that doesn’t allow you to eat what you want to eat?

These are just some of my recommendations for eating healthier, another one being, invest in a Vitamixer so you can make smoothies with natural fruits and veggies. They’ll improve your mood and make the craving of something sweet go away.


I love you guys,
Talk to ya later,

XOXO, Charlie 


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