A short article about obesity

A few months ago, I was anorexic.
I had been one for a year and I was wondering why I was never losing weight.

Every doctor’s appointment, I thought for sure they would find out. But they never did. Do you know why?

When I was eating, (I usually ate one meal, being dinner, because I couldn’t hide that) I was consuming enough calories for the whole day. Just one meal was keeping me from losing weight.
It’s horrifying how one meal that we eat a day has enough calories in it to make it look as if we are a healthy weight when we really aren’t.

I stopped eating breakfast, lunch, snack, and dessert and YET I was still intaking the same amount of calories that I would usually eat!
I fact, in the pizza I usually get from Domino’s (Wisconson 6 Cheese) Has over 350 calories in ONE SLICE of pizza. Totaling a whopping 2,600 calories in EIGHT slices of pizza!
And of course, the healthiest amount of calories that teenage girls should intake per day is 1,600 to 1,800 calories. At this rate, I was eating almost TWO TIMES the recommended calorie consumption, and this was just one meal on one day.

Based off of this information, it’s no surprise that there is so much obesity in America.

Let’s run some more numbers:
A Mcdonald’s Big Mac totals to about 540 calories. A large fry with that? 510 calories. Let’s add just a medium Coke. (220 calories). According to the Nutrition Chart OF MCDONALD’S, that equals 1,270 calories! That leaves us 430 calories to consume.+

Let’s say you want to ‘get something healthier’ and go to Subway. The lowest calorie item is a 6″ Veggie Delight, (230 calories), but if you want some “healthy meat” on yours, get the second lowest calorie item, the 6″ Turkey Breast (280 calories).
When we add our ingredients: (on whole wheat bread) American Cheese, Cucumbers, Bell Peppers, Lettuce, Pickles, Tomatoes, Onions, Mustard, Light Mayo. Even with all the veggies on it, it still equals approximately 380 calories. With a 21 oz Sprite (220 c.) and a small package of Lay’s Potato Chips, (160 c.)  it equals 760 calories. And this is just lunch. That gives us 940  more calories to consume.*

Let’s say you’re going to eat at home tonight. Just cook something for yourself. You fix a steak (679 c.) mashed potatoes (214 c.), and a Lipton sweet tea (150 c.).  That alone is 1,043 calories, AT HOME!

So take the Subway we ate for lunch, and the dinner we ate, that gives us 1,803 calories today and we didn’t even eat breakfast!

The moral of the story: Check the calories (AND INGREDIENTS) in your food before you purchase it. Whether it be in a grocery store, in McDonald’s, at your Grandma Ruby’s, ALWAYS CHECK. Don’t become a freak with your calories! It’s okay to splurge on some Oreos (which are actually vegan…WHHHAAAAAT?)  or a steak, or some chocolate bars (yes, I said BARS). Just make sure you pay attention to what you put in your body.

Want to know my diet? Let me know and I’ll tell you about the Charlotte Diet!

Till I see you next, I bid you adieu.





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