Things to do to help combat depression

********I AM NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL****** THIS IS JUST SOME THINGS I DO THAT HAVE HELPED ME Take a shower Read a book Write Draw Drink a smoothie Cuddle with your cat (or dog) sleep Watch YouTube videos Exercise¬†on the Wii Color Paint Watch Netflix Reorganize your room Listen to music Reorganize bookshelves Take pictures … Continue reading Things to do to help combat depression


The Charlotte Diet

Hey guys, Charlie here! I wanted to give you a good diet plan (with how I do things) whether you're a meat eater, vegetarian (like me), pescatarian, vegan, or whatever. My go-to tips at the store: It's been said, MULTIPLE TIMES, but it's good advice and that is: DON'T BUY GROCERIES WHEN YOU'RE HUNGRY! It … Continue reading The Charlotte Diet