Setting up my Studystagram

Hey, guys, I thought I’d show you how I was setting up my Studystagram.
As a freshman in High School, I decided I really needed to buckle down and get serious about my studying. I absolutely love History and Lit (of course) but I never really enjoyed Science.
This year, my teacher decided to use Crash Course for Science and IT IS AMAZING. First, you can back it up and redo parts and IT HAS JOHN AND HANK GREEN ON IT!

All this aside, my Studystagram!

I teamed up with @therosegoldink (Go follow her bookstagram) to do a Studystagram called SnowRoseStudies dedicated to helping inspire others (and ourselves) study hard and 16584948_195863834225328_5207948876362809344_nmake good grades. As you can see below, this is my first post. The ‘site’ on my computer is called Momentum  (link posted) to help you get things accomplished. They have a nice background, a quote, and a to-do list.
It’s essential to a studyblr or studystagram account.

After I post, a photo of a cute study motivation quote is posted, and then Morgan post.

Isn’t this cute? It’s study motivation tips like this that we like to post, so if you have any, feel free to email them to me at (CharlieSmithContact (at)

What I learned to do is set timers for 10 minutes each. Study ten minutes, when the timer goes off, set it again and get on your phone. Play Candy Crush or Instagram. Then after the ten minutes, study more until you’re done! I’ve found this to be very helpful.


Here is Morgan’s first photo. It’s all her stationary (She’s moving it to a better home, but she just NEEDED to post this!)
It’s her Kikki.K stationery crate, with its pastel colors (My fave) and IT’S SO PRETTY.





That’s all I have for you guys today! I will be posting more under this category soon. Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Charlie.


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